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Waste & Resource Management (WRM)

We produce planning assessments to demonstrate how waste and recycling will be managed for new or existing development.  Our Waste and Resource Management team has considerable experience in providing technical advice for planning requirement.

From our experience with a range of planning projects, we identify planning and design requirements relating to waste management and develop a waste model for the proposal using applicable benchmarks and guidance, calculating estimated waste generation during the construction and operational phases of the Proposed Development.

The key objectives as per the Government Waste and Resource Management Strategy is:

  1. To maximise the value of resource use; and
  2. To minimise waste and its impact on the environment.


    We will identify site-specific strategies and develop the methods for transferring residential and commercial waste through the buildings (e.g. waste chutes, manual transfer, pedestrianised vehicles) as well as determine the size, locations and layouts of internal waste storage facilities.  The strategy will explain how the refuse and recycling to be managed and presented prior to collection. Refuse vehicle access requirements and collection points will be included in the advice given.

    We will be delighted to prepare a stand-alone Site Waste Management Strategy report for the operational phases of the Proposed Development, for inclusion with the planning application. This document will explain the proposed strategies, based on the information provided for the planning application.

Our Expertise

Our range of expertise covers the whole waste collection and disposal cycle, and all types of waste, including domestic, municipal, commercial, clinical, industrial, electrical, and hazardous waste.

We work closely with clients to establish project goals early so that subsequent activities are directed toward their efficient, environmentally sound and timely resolution. In order to develop sustainable solutions for waste and resource management, it is imperative to recognise the relationships between effective waste management and sustainable management of resources. The legislation advice is to focus on reuse, recycling and recovery over the disposal of waste.  This will help to reduce the demands made on other resources thus embracing the fundamental principles of sustainable development and the circular economy.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts can assist you with all stages of the planning application as follows:

  • Planning Stage
    • Assessment of wastes to be generated during the construction and operation phase if the development; and
    • Development of outline operational waste management strategies and design for the proposed schemes.
  • Construction stage
    • Preparation and implementation of environmental management plans including waste management plans for both demolition and construction phases
    • Characterisation and classification of waste materials eg excavated soils
  • Organisations and operational sites
    • Auditing of wastes generated
    • Characterisation and classification of wastes
    • Product life cycle evaluations
    • Assessment of by-products and advice on their reuse, recycling, recovery
    • Hazardous, radioactive and solid waste management
    • Development of operational waste management strategies to facilitate effective waste minimisation, reuse and recycling

Our Services are ISO certified and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS):

  • Site closure/decommissioning
    • Auditing/assessment of wastes to be generated
    • Development and implementation of decommissioning waste management strategies
    • Development and implementation of decommissioning record and auditing system
    • Delivery of verification report confirming compliance with decommissioning waste management strategy
  • Waste management facilities
    • Masterplanning and strategy development
    • Conceptual and detailed planning, design, construction and advisory services on waste treatment and disposal facilities and operations
    • Landfill engineering
    • Landfill development and redevelopment
    • Operational assessment and environmental risk management
    • Closure assessments
    • Engineering design to facilitate closure and/or manage environmental risks
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Compliance auditing of waste-related activities
    • Support in preparation and submission of applications for waste permits, licences, licence exemptions for waste-related activities
    • Liaise with regulators
    • Review country-specific waste regulations