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Building Acoustics & Sound Insulation Testing

Our noise consultants specialise in assessments, surveys, and reports within Building Acoustics and Sound Insulation Testing. We can perform computer-simulated noise modelling to assist with material compliance and target sound rating in existing or pre-development projects. We can also perform on-site building acoustic testing (IOA CCBAM certified) for post-development planning, change of use, or any other needs you may have. All assessments are carried out in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document E, as well as any other relevant local and regional policy that may apply.

  • Support for Planning applications
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial development
  • Dwellings, offices, gyms, recording studios, cinemas, schools, hospitals, holiday lets, hotels and more
  • Change of use of an existing development
  • Mitigation Statement for discharge of planning conditions
  • Workplace Exposure Assessment to protect your employees’ health and wellbeing
  • Noise Management Plan
  • 2D and 3D noise modelling

Our team keep you informed step-by-step from the very beginning, ensuring every aspect of the assessment complies with all existing legislative requirements and policies.

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We also provide detailed environmental noise and other acoustic consultancy services. Please CLICK HERE for our Environmental Noise Consultancy Services for Planning and Development Sector.

Our Building Acoustic Consultancy Services

Our dedicated noise consultants bring extensive expertise in planning, environmental permitting, and occupational health-related noise impact assessment. We work across a variety of sectors including residential buildings, educational institutions, offices, kitchens, industrial developments, workshops and plants, and road transport. Working efficiently and quickly, our consultants are highly experienced in working to meet your requirements and deadlines, as well as specified planning conditions for a range of sites from small scale projects, to major, multi-purpose developments.

Some of the Common Assessment Standards

  • Measurement of Sound Insulation in Buildings (BS 140 and 717)
  • Pubs & Clubs: (Good Practice Guide for Control of Noise from Pubs & Clubs as published by the Institute of Acoustics (IOA)).
  • Health Sector Buildings: (HTM-08-01)
  • Occupational Noise Surveys: (L108 Controlling Noise at Work guidelines set down by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE))
  • Residential and mixed-use developments: (BS8223) (BS4142) (BS7445)
  • Construction and demolition projects: (BS5228), (Building Regulations (England and Wales), 2010)
  • Mineral extraction (BS Standards)
  • Road schemes (Transport) CRTN and (BS Standard)
  • Railway schemes (BS Standards)
  • Airports (BS Standards)
  • Industrial and commercial buildings: (BS 4142)
  • Wind turbines: (IOA Good Practice Guide on Turbines and BS Standards)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems: (EMAQ, 2018)

Our Services are ISO certified and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS):


Consultants who will carry out the building acoustic survey are accredited by The Sound Insulation Testing & Measurement Association (SITMA).

Aval consulting group - SITMA accredited Consultant

Computer-Based Noise Simulation, Modelling and Prediction

We can simulate and predict the acoustic performance of your floors, external/separating walls, roof (rain noise) etc. Using the industry-standard INSUL and SoundPLAN software, our consultants can evaluate new materials and systems or investigate the effects of changes to existing designs. Bespoke data can be entered for comparison and allow us to confidently advise on construction details in order to achieve the desired airborne and impact sound insulation.

Image Reference: INSUL Software Developed by INSUL, New Zealand

We also specialise in SoundPLAN noise simulation software – one of the leading tool for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. We can model the noise impact of an industrial plant, transportation, new and existing developments, background noise from urban activities etc.

Some of the noise modelling services we can assist you with are:


  • Evaluation and prediction of new constructions or existing constructions
  • Noise impact from existing urban activities
  • Environmental noise impact on new or existing development
  • Comparing measurements with predictions
  • Calculation from Outdoor to Indoor Transmission
  • Prediction of Impact Sound for lightweight floors
  • Wall & Ceiling Construction
  • Prediction of Rain Noise
  • Design cost-effective alternatives
  • Sound Insulation of Sandwich Panels
  • Trapezoidal Profiled Metal Panels
  • Porous Blankets and Facings

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